Your Custom Cosmic Course

Take your business to celestial heights as we assist you in launching, scaling, and expanding your income, providing expert guidance and support every step of the way.

How It Can Help You

Are you an entrepreneur ready to take your business to new heights?

Imagine spending an entire day with a Certified Professional Astrologer and spiritual business expert, who will guide you in creating a powerful plan tailored to your unique cosmic energy.

This VIP DAY is designed to help you launch, scale, and expand your income like never before.

Let me guess

You’ve been searching for ways to take your business to the next level, but something has been holding you back.

Maybe you’ve tried various strategies and techniques, but none of them have provided the breakthrough you desire.

It’s time to break free from the limitations and tap into the cosmic wisdom that astrology offers. By aligning your business with your cosmic energy, you’ll unlock unlimited potential and achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of.

What Will You Get

From Diverse Professions to Cosmic Wisdom: Empowering You to Thrive and Transform

I have gained invaluable insights and wisdom through a transformative journey from various professional arenas to the cosmic realm. With a profound love for humanity, I am dedicated to empowering clients to make a positive impact and thrive. I offer astrological readings, consultations, and horoscopes, combining compassionate wisdom with practical action plans. I specialize in supporting clients at crossroads in life, love, or career, helping them embrace clarity about their natural gifts and talents. As a Certified Professional Astrologer, I take an inclusive and holistic approach, drawing inspiration from various astrological lineages. Let me guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery, aligning your cosmic potential with your life’s purpose. Together, we’ll navigate celestial energies, uncover hidden insights, and unlock the wisdom to create a fulfilling and impactful life.

Just Imagine Section

Just imagine the confidence and clarity you’ll gain by harnessing the power of astrology in your business.

You’ll have a deep understanding of your unique strengths and how to leverage them for success. With a personalized cosmic course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and strategies to attract your ideal clients, increase your income, and make a lasting impact.

Astrological Confidence-Building

Unleash unwavering confidence in business decisions through astrology. Gain insights into strengths, align with cosmic energies, and make strategic choices that drive business growth with clarity and poise.

Strategic Asset Optimization

Discover and maximize distinctive strengths with a personalized cosmic course. Transform strengths into powerful assets, gaining a competitive edge in the market. Attract clients who resonate with authentic strengths, setting your business apart strategically.

Ideal Client Attraction and $$$

Effortlessly attract ideal clients by tailoring offerings with insights from a personalized cosmic course. Alignment draws clients who share values and significantly increases income. Business impact extends beyond financial success, leaving a lasting positive influence on clients.

Illuminate Your Cosmic Business

Illuminate Your Cosmic Business: Channel Your Higher Self, Manifest Your Dreams

Together, we’ll embark on a journey of intuitive guidance, proven strategies, and quantum healing support, allowing you to unleash the magic of your Higher Self and turn your bold business dreams into a tangible reality.

During our VIP Day – Your Custom Cosmic Course, you can expect:

  • Overcoming Fear and Charging Your Worth:
  • Clarity in Your Offerings:
  • Liberation from Tech Stress and Biz Burnout:
  • Insider Secrets, Tips, and Strategies:

Don’t waste any more time trying to figure things out on your own. The VIP Day – Your Custom Cosmic Course was created for you because I understand the challenges you face and believe you deserve to succeed. Let’s harness the power of the cosmos and embark on a transformative journey that will align your spiritual gifts with your thriving career.


Your Custom Cosmic Course

Imagine the possibilities...

About Your Coach

Meet Your Coach Taylor

I’m Taylor, an expert in astrology, here to guide you towards a life of purpose, love, and success. With a deep passion for unlocking cosmic potential, I offer profound insights and transformative guidance.

Using Evolutionary, Traditional, Hellenistic, and Modern astrology, I help you align your unique gifts with a greater purpose. Together, we will decode the celestial guidance that leads to your true calling.

Driven by a desire to make a difference, I find inspiration in singing, exploring cuisines, and connecting with nature. With unwavering dedication and a compassionate heart, I will be your guide, mentor, and cheerleader on this cosmic journey.

Step into your power, discover your purpose, and create a life that radiates with cosmic brilliance. I am here to walk alongside you every step of the way.


Package Features
$ 3,333
  • Turnaround Time: 1 week
  • Intake Meeting: 1 meeting at the beginning of the week
  • Progress Meeting: 1 meeting at the end of the week
  • Post-Program Support: Email or Voxer support for 21 days after the program
  • Customized Plan: Step-by-step roadmap tailored to your specific needs