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  • Access to Summit Replays: Don’t worry about missing a single moment of the summit! With the VIP Upgrade, you’ll receive on-demand access to all summit sessions, available for replay at your convenience. Dive deep into the transformative content, revisit your favorite sessions, and extract even more wisdom and insights from our esteemed speakers.
  • Personalized Logins and Dashboard: We understand the value of convenience and ease. As a VIP, you’ll receive your own personalized logins and dashboard, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience. Easily navigate through the summit sessions, track your progress, and access exclusive VIP resources and bonuses.
  • Private VIP Coaching & After Parties: As a VIP participant, we want to provide you with additional knowledge and tools to propel your entrepreneurial journey. Enjoy an exclusive private, VIP coaching each day of the summit led by your host, Taylor Shuler.
  • Bonus Bundle: As a VIP participant, we want to provide you with additional knowledge and tools to propel your entrepreneurial journey. Delve into specialized topics, gain insider tips, and uncover strategies that will empower you to thrive in your business.
  • Exclusive Special Offers: You’ll have early access to offers and exclusive access to prizes and special offers not available anywhere else.โ€‹

What You'll Learn?

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Course Content

  • Bonus Bundle
    • Summit Guidebook

    • The Enlightened Entrepreneur's Ultimate Tech Stack

    • Magnetize Your Ideal Client and Monetize with Astrology

  • (VIP) Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit Day 1
    • Della Z. Duncan: Sustainability Cultivating your Regenerative Right Livelihood Garden

    • Stomie Grace: Precision in Practice: Mastering Your Niche to Enhance Efficiency and Ward Off Burnout.

    • Cameron Allen: Mastering the Elements: Caring for Self, Others, & the World in Your Business

    • Maria DeSimone: Do you Have What it Takes to be a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

    • Alessandra Caprice: The Power of Money Breathwork to Expand You & Your Business

  • (VIP) Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit Day 2
    • Renee Rotkopf: Brand New You: Discover Your Cosmic Identity and Create a Stellar Brand with Astrology

    • Celeste Brooks: Social Media Success

    • Sara Powers: Planetary Magic to Grow Your Sacred Business

    • Moon Zlotnick: Maintain a Thriving Practice over the Decades

    • Lisa Warman: Conscious Corporate Workshops & Spatial Divinity

    • Dra. CarolLaine M Garcรญa: Putting the Heart Back in Your Leadership

  • (VIP) Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit Day 3
    • Tara Aal: Bring Out and Develop Key Parts of Yourself by Living Planets 1st

    • Amanda 'Pua' Walsh

    • Rachel Star: Attract Your Ideal Client with Human Design

    • Sara Bourland: The Secret to Feminine Power: Communicate with Authenticity & Heart

    • Louise Edington: How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything

  • (VIP) Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit Day 4
    • Sam Reynolds: Living Your Best Life in Business with Astrology

    • Kay Taylor: Build Your Authentic Business Fast

    • Faith Lee: Succeeding in Email & Affiliate Marketing even with a Small List

    • Leia Mitchell: Exploring the Intersection of Entrepreneurship & Personal Development

    • Psychic Christopher Stilson

    • Kwadwo [QUAYJO] : Attract Your Ideal Client & Increase Sales with Social Media

    • Rae Rutter: Professional Animism: the art of astro-WYRDing

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